What's this?

This is an experimental small web application run by Bastian Greshake Tzovaras. If you log in with your Open Humans account it will read your Overland GPS data and your Spotify Listening History to create a small JSON endpoint that displays where you are, the local time & weather and what you recently listened too.

It optionally also allows you to enter client_id & client_secret values from a personal Fitbit API application. If you do this the final JSON will also contain your current heart rate.

How will you use my data?

By logging in this app will only store your access credentials to access your data from Open Humans (and optionally from Fitbit).

It will process your Spotify & Overland data but not store any of this raw data. The data from Open Humans will only be used to temporarily extract the last geo location & last played song. No raw location data will be stored long-term, only the publicly accessible JSON will be stored.

Historic data will not be stored by this application. Instead only the latest values are stored.

How can I display my data on my website?

You can see an example in the footer of Bastian's website.

To get a better idea of how it was implemented: The HTML in the footer looks like this. On the top you will see the link to the JSON object you want to display (i.e. change this to your own data link)

The Javascript to properly replace the placeholders with the actual values looks like this: